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Christopher Soulsby, LCSW – has been practicing as a Clinical Social Worker since 2008. He received his Masters degree from the University of Texas – Austin with an emphasis in Clinical Social Work. Christopher’s primary experience includes many forms of trauma and the long-term effects of such events on wellbeing over the life course. He has also focused much of his career on family dynamics that may result in poor mental health outcomes such as, parental alienation, attachment problems, foster care, and penal or psychiatric institutionalization. His past two years have largely concentrated on helping parents refocus their attention on their children following a divorce, custody dispute, CPS involvement, or some form of institutionalization. This interest stems from a desire to help parents avoid poor outcomes for children while building on and developing children’s strengths. Christopher works from an interpersonal or relational focus, building a new therapy for each client and using this unique and safe relationship to help increase motivation for change, clarify values, develop new social supports, and increase flexibility to try new behaviors. To alleviate anxiety, depression, and other symptoms he will utilize cognitive and behavioral therapies, as well as coordinate care with doctors, psychiatrist, and case managers to ensure an integrated and holistic approach to healing.

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